FLATLINE CHART 2010-2013 (3)

The “flat-line” chart illustrates home sales in 33472 (our zip code).   Increase the size  by clicking on the on the chart

The Red Line indicates home sale in the western communities of Aberdeen from 2010 through  2013. (Note; Red line prices quoted are cost per square foot.)

The Green Line indicates home sales in all of 33472 from 2010 through 2013.

The Blue Line shows home sales in  Bristol Lakes (no mandatory membership restrictions) for the same time period. 

Notice anything interesting?  Sales are up in our zip code, up in Bristol Lakes and FLAT for the western communities of Aberdeen.  Do we think that mandatory membership has anything to do with this?

These figures are quoted from the Palm Beach County Records and Zillow and clearly show what has happened to Aberdeen home sales in the last 3 years. 


An open letter to “Save Aberdeen” from your friends at ARAMM:
The issue of mandatory membership has opened heated discussions, created broken friendships, prompted a war of words, and divided our beautiful community. Additionally , you’ve spent thousands of dollars in an ill-fated post card campaign which has now moved from distortions to outright lies.


The last couple of postcards are headlined, “Home Prices in non-mandatory communities were not depressed in the bad economy” and “Home prices will increase $50,000-$100,000 without community membership.”  You have “quoted” ARAMM as making these statements.  The TRUTH is those statements are YOUR LIES!  You won’t find those statements in any of our Facebook posts, our ARAMM Alerts or on our webpage…because ARAMM never made them!  SHAME ON YOU!


Our research has been done by experts and based on documented facts with full sourcing and credit.  We’ve carefully taken your quotes, which are filled with hyperbole, accusations and distortions directly from your communications. Now come your outrageous lies!  We know you’re desperate to discredit ARAMM and find an argument in your defense but the TRUTH WILL PREVAIL!


PS…How many other lies is Save Aberdeen telling us?


ARAMM Alert #6  September 13, 2013 
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 Perhaps you received a post card or read the same message in a recent accusatory, mean-spirited, arrogant, shameful and somewhat desperate sounding email, both sent by “Save Aberdeen.” They asked some questions and pointed some fingers.  We thought the questions needed answers and imagined a conversation that went like this…

Save Aberdeen says (and we quote),  “They lie when they say homes in Aberdeen aren’t’ selling.  They fail to tell you that homes are starting to sell quickly at the selling price and often with multiple offers.”

 ARAMM responds (and we quote),    “Well, the TRUTH is homes in the east and Bristol Lakes (no mandatory membership) are selling quickly and have multiple offers.  In the western communities, the current owners may be in financial difficulty and need money quickly. As for the multiple bids, there are Aberdeen houses being auctioned, offered as short sales or in bank sales. Many homes are offered by survivors whose parents have died. These kids just want to be rid of the house, don’t care how much they get for it and certainly have no desire to be trapped for life in the country club.  Yep, in the western communities, these are the homes, with very low prices, that sell.

Save Aberdeen says (and we quote),   “They lie when they say community membership (is this the same as mandatory membership?) depresses home prices.  They fail tell you that Aberdeen enjoyed the same huge price gains as the rest of Florida during the housing boom.” 

ARAMM responds (and we quote),   “Oh, come on!  The TRUTH is that the BOOM ended 61/2 years ago and isn’t it true that ABERDEEN suffered the same HUGE PRICE DROPS as the rest of Florida.  Now that prices are recovering, Mandatory membership keeps the number of homes on the market low and increases the number of homes for rent, as Aberdeen becomes a rental community. It also reduces the number of potential buyers for the homes that are for sale.  It also increases the number of days on market all of which lead to price reduction.

Save Aberdeen says (and we quote),   “They tell you that homes in communities like the Valencia communities of Pointe Vecchio increased in value more than Aberdeen homes.  They fail to tell you that these communities do offer many amenities to their residents, such as clubhouses, fitness centers, pools and tennis courts but they pay substantially more in POA/HOA fees than Aberdeen residents do.”

 ARAMM responds (and we quote),    “Serious misuse of the word substantial.  The  TRUTH is HOA dues in non-golf communities are very comparable to most Aberdeen communities’ maintenance fees.    We asked neighbors in Valencia Shores who told us they pay less than $100 more than the average Aberdeen resident; however, their fees include not only cable TV but also land line phone, Internet, and an alarm system as well as all the things we get. All that and NO CLUB DUES, which, by the way, have risen from $2,336.00 per year to $7,525.00, a 222% increase during the mandatory membership years!  Add in the club dues and fees to Aberdeen’s HOA fees and the difference in Aberdeen is truly SUBSTANTIAL!

 Save Aberdeen says (and we quote), “They tell you that you live in a beautiful community and it well be so even if the club alters,  they fail to tell you that the community will not be the same.”

 ARAMM responds (and we quote),   “Seriously now, we all know the TRUTH here is that the POA and your community’s HOA pay for the up keep of our neighborhoods!  This will not change. It’s only the club that will change, having to operate like a business, control their expenses, create new revenue streams, pay reasonable salaries, and change their arrogant attitude.  Once mandatory membership is defeated and the club board of directors is replaced, which will happen, the changes will be positive and the club will survive and prosper




“The Mandatory Membership Years  2004 to 2013”


The following is a summary of indisputable facts for Club members in particular and Aberdeen residents in general. It covers the time period 2004 to 2013 — the “Mandatory Membership Years.” We want to enlighten, educate and inform residents about what has happened in the Country Club over the last nine years since Mandatory was enacted.

No one will dispute the most common facts as they relate to decreased home values, locally and nationally. Some will blame the economy and others will blame the Country Club. However, we also need to consider the impact of the decisions the Club Board and Management have made as Mandatory Membership was adopted and implemented.

In a study performed by three Professors at the University of Tampa, entitled “Moral Hazards of Mandatory Membership,” 

Click Here to Read More about Mandatory Membership

they state: “Because of Mandatory Management, homeowners now have little, to no, protection from the Board of Directors and Management of the country club that might be interested in empire building or promoting salary and benefits increases while offering up homeowners in the community to pay the tab.”

It sure sounds like Aberdeen has become a perfect example of this detour in action.

Let’s compare a few Aberdeen Golf &Country Club facts: 2004 VS 2013

Membership Level 930 835 NONE 95
Golf Dues $5,508 $11,625 111%  
Tennis Dues $2,776 $8,260 197%  
Social Dues $2,336 $7,525 222%  
Signing Fee NONE $7,500 7,500%  
Min Joining fee $2,000 $4,000 100%  
Social Golf 7 days a week 2X Month   341 days
Food Minimum $900 $1,250 39%  
Cart Fees $12.50 $27.00 116%  
Capital Assessment        
Golf $600.00 $1,080 80%  
Tennis $480.00 $900 87%  
Social $468.00 $840 80%  
Fitness Assessment NONE $960 960%  
Security Assessment NONE $96 96%  
Outside membership NONE YES    
Bristol Lakes   Membership NONE YES    
Spousal membership NONE YES    
Rental Membership NONE YES    
Boomer membership NONE YES    
Trial membership for   Aberdeen Residents Yes for 1 yr. For more than 1 yr.    
Director of Finance NONE YES  $190,000/yr.*    
Comptroller Yes YES*    
Assistant Comptroller NONE YES*    
Golf Pro Shop Director NONE YES*    
Assistant Admin NONE YES*    
Membership Director NONE YES*    
GM Salary * $500,000/yr.* EST    
Club House Manager No YES*    
 TOTAL SALARIES/BENEFITTS  $2,708,251.00  $5,129,946.00     2010 IRS     FORM 990

*Estimates of salaries from best sources. The Country Club is certainly not transparent on financial matters that owners are obligated to pay. (GM salary actual per 990 Form $442,600 in 2011)

Based on the facts above, it appears the Board of Directors and Management of the Country Club for the past nine years have “found” new sources of funds to spend.

Note in particular the …

  • 100 to 200% increase in dues since 2004,
  • addition of signing fees in the amount of $7,500,
  • doubling of membership dues, which was a selling point to non-club members to get their mandatory membership vote,
  • 80 to 87% increase in capital assessments,
  • addition in personnel of a Director of Finance, assistant comptroller, administrative assistant, a membership director,
  • half a million dollar salary of the general manager, in spite of the loss in membership.

The facts do not lie!

To buy a home in Aberdeen West, you MUST join the Club and pay a $7,500 joining Fee, a minimum of $4,000 and annual dues of $7,525, not including taxes, in addition to the selling price of the home. While this used to be a CHOICE, it is now an obligation which factors into the buying decision!

It’s no wonder home sales are depressed in Aberdeen West.

Perhaps it is time that the Club reassesses ALL of these payment increases and additional personnel positions. It’s time to recognize that Aberdeen is NOT and will never be, Boca.  Let all of the residents of Aberdeen West be informed about the real price of Mandatory Membership and who really benefits.

Many pensions have eroded since retirement, taxes have gone up, and medical care is significantly more expensive. Certainly the 111% to 222% increase in dues must benefit someone? Social members are now paying more than their fair share with more restrictions than golf members. They even pay a 12.5% assessment to offset golf dues.

By presenting these facts perhaps a few — maybe many — club members might start asking themselves, “who benefits”? Certainly not the members or all Aberdeen residents.  When the time comes, wouldn’t it be nice to sell your home without restrictions?


Aberdeen Residents Against Mandatory Membership

ARAMM Alert #5  September 13, 2013 
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                                Report on the POA meeting of Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The meeting opened with the reading of the minutes of the May 30th meeting to the POA board and there was a motion by the POA President to approve the minutes, and as if it were rehearsed, seconded immediately .  Other board members had anticipated this move and recognized that the minutes were recorded and transcribed incorrectly.  They objected and brought to the attention of the POA President that the minutes were not accurate,  especially the Steve Ledwitz motion to create a vote on mandatory membership.  After some discussion, the initial vote to accept the minutes of the POA’s May 30 meeting was rejected.

Mr. Ledewitz re-read his motion (motion to create a vote on mandatory membership was attached to the renewal of the POA documents). Mr. Ledewitz resubmitted his motion with revised minutes and this was passed by the POA board including east and west villages.   This was clearly a win and moves us closer to a vote to determine the future of mandatory membership in Aberdeen.

The passage of the corrected minutes REQUIRES that the POA move forward with the vote on mandatory membership within 180 days of May 30th. ARAMM is expecting that the pro-mandatory side of the POA board will attempt to roadblock this.  The manipulation of the minutes of the May 30th meeting and the country club’s unprecedented appointment to the POA board of a non-elected director are indicative of the efforts of the pro-mandatory side to prevent property owners from voting on the issue.

As we turn the corner and head into the home stretch, it ’s clear that lawyers will be involved and the possibility of taking this to court becomes real.  Right now, over 225 of your neighbors, friends and fellow property owners have given financial support of at least $200.00 to ARAMM to help finance this fight.  If you’ve sent your check, we thank you.  If you’re still thinking about this, now is the time to act.  Your support will pay for legal fees, postage and administrative expenses.  If you’re seeking to get control of your property back, to get out from under the restrictions of mandatory membership, and to watch the value of your home increase, make this investment now.  Please send your check to
ARAMM, PO Box 741218, Boynton Beach, Florida, 33474.

If you’re aware of anyone that’s not getting our emails, forward this to them
Print out this alert and hand it to your neighbors.
Time is short and we need to raise the awareness.
Interested in helping get out the word?
Send us an email (, let us know how you can contribute.




Aberdeen Residents Against Mandatory Membership

This time it’s YOUR choice!

ARAMM Alert #4   August 25, 2013

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Support ARAMM in our efforts to abolish Mandatory Membership?

  • Real estate sales are rising everywhere but here in Aberdeen. Our homes that go on the market in Aberdeen stay on the market for an extended period of time.  Why is that?

FACT:  Today, there are fewer buyers in the country club market.  Real Estate sales took a hit when the market tanked in ’08 but country club sales have been slipping since 2005.  Check out our neighborhood by neighborhood graphs of home sales in Aberdeen. This week’s alert on home sales and days on market will demonstrate sales in                This can be found at the bottom of this alert.  We’ll be showing more villages in the coming days.


  • Our request to our fellow property owners for financial support is gaining momentum.

FACT:  As of today over 200 of your friends and neighbors have contributed.  This is so encouraging as we are now using the legal services of a Boynton Beach attorney, Peter M. Feaman.  Peter is a renowned litigator and has extensive experience in property issues.  The western communities will be responsible for paying for the vote.  So please Encourage your friends and neighbors to support this project.

  • If you’re serious about abolishing mandatory membership, ARAMM needs your help NOW!

FACT:  There will be an election this fall, literally weeks away.  If we let this opportunity slip by, we will be under the cloud of mandatory membership forever.  We need to increase our email lists so please ask your friends and neighbors that are getting our alerts to share them with those who do not have access to email..  Print this one out and show them and ask them to send their email address to  Vote to abolish and help us out financially.  IT’S TIME TO TAKE ACTION OR SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES.


ARAMM has researched home sales in the Multiple Listing Service for Aberdeen over the last 10 years.  This graph shows home sales from 2003 thru August of 2013.  Sales started to to decline in the middle of 2006, a year and a half after mandatory membership was established and 2 years prior to the financial crises of 2008.  Sales plummeted to rock bottom in 2009, rallied in 2010 and fell to new lows in 2012.  Also note number of homes sold and days on market.  The bottom of the graph shows the years.  We have graphs for every neighborhood and will post a new community with each alert. You will see as we post them, virtually every community in Aberdeen West parallels the same disastrous results.  The final results of a mandatory membership community can be easily understood.

Print out this ALERT along with the graphs.  Show them to your neighbors.  This is the present and future of Aberdeen West.  This is the TRUTH!





On September 10, 2013, as part of their regular meeting, the Aberdeen POA will be asked to approve the minutes from their May, 2013 meeting. The major issue addressed at the May meeting was the approval of community declarations mandated by law to be renewed every thirty years.   Contingent upon that approval and as part of that motion was …to have a revote on Mandatory Membership in the Aberdeen Golf and Country Club for the western community within 90-180 days.  As you can imagine, this has sparked vigorous debate within all Western Communities. While The Club is in favor of retaining Mandatory Membership, a group called ARAMM (Aberdeen Residents against Mandatory Membership) was formed to lobby for the elimination of the current requirement for Mandatory Club Membership.
A little history: Around ten years ago, primarily seeing how (read Binks Forrest) responded to results of Non Mandatory Membership, the POA enacted a motion requiring all homeowners who moved in to Aberdeen Western Communities effective March 1, 2004 to become members (any class) of the Club. Prior to March 1, 2004, all homeowners were provided the option of either retaining their membership or not joining at all. At the time, this was seen as a positive move by the POA to preserve the integrity and continuation of a strong, viable Club. Although prior to 2004, the Club had a vibrant golf, tennis and social membership, the reasons presented for Mandatory Club Membership a community wide vote of homeowners voted down Mandatory Membership but adding the Club’s 18 votes resulted in passage of the Mandatory Membership mandate by 12 votes.
The key take-a-way here is that the entire Western Communities were granted an opportunity via a community wide vote to assess the validity of Mandatory Club Membership. Ten years later, after a deep, on-going recession, housing bust and other continuing economic pressures, a group of homeowners plus a group of current club members have questioned the validity and need for Mandatory Club Membership versus the unintended consequences and realities for many homeowners related to the mandate for Mandatory Club Membership. While the little history cited above may be a bit simplistic, the facts surrounding this issue provide for compelling arguments to be made by those in favor of Mandatory Club Membership as well as those against Mandatory Club Membership.
Today, the primary issue before us is whether or not all Western Communities Homeowners will be granted the ability to vote on the motion to dissolve the Mandatory Club Membership requirements as put forth and seconded at the May 2013 POA meeting or will the POA, utilizing a potential loophole, vote among themselves to declare the motion invalid thereby retaining the Mandatory Club Membership policy without the opportunity of a vote by Western Communities Homeowners.
Since each individual Community either elects or appoints a member to serve its best interests via the POA, it seems only reasonable and prudent, given the seriousness of this matter, that the POA provides for a vote by all homeowners of Western Communities to either retain Mandatory Club Membership or to eliminate Mandatory Club Membership. Both pro and anti Mandatory Club Membership factions should be provided equal opportunity to present their cases to all Western Communities homeowners.
Rational, intelligent, fact based issues and arguments should be presented to all Western Communities homeowners. By allowing for a Communities wide vote, all home owners will be afforded the opportunity to exercise their democratic right to determine their favored outcome.  Please contact your individual community POA member and urge that member to poll all homeowners they represent and then vote with the majority of that community. This is democracy and the American way. We all have the moral imperative to insure our rights as homeowners are respected and adhered to. September 10, 2013 is just around the corner. Don’t delay, speak to your homeowner friends and neighbors and contact your community POA representative now and request they respect your desire. It is your right and their responsibility